Xenia Cruz is a Russian POP Singer , Top Model Represent Russia Globally

Xenia Cruz born 29 April 1989 ), better known by her _ (Russian), is a Russian POP Singer, Top Model Representing Russia Globally.

Early life

Xenia Cruz is born in Moscow on 29 April and grew up influenced by fashion. did her education “The Russian Academy of painting & Architecture”.

In 2019 She won the title of Mrs. Moscow

Throughout her long modeling career, she has been featured in various catalogs for high-end cosmetics brands luxury clothing brands Featuring Fashion Guide, Glamour, Apriori, Fashion Magazines Lisa, and Faberlik.

A well as magazine advertisements she also took part in the filming of advertising campaigns for

  • The World of Leather and Fur, The Snow Queen (link)
  • The Sports Master, Sweet Mama,Tele2.

While pursuing her modeling Xenia had her interest in her Music career as a pop Russian singer.

Xenia Cruz Releases her first debut single “километры” working on her latest album for the near future.

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