Who Can Be Held Liable For Delivery Truck Accident?

Shopping from online options has rapidly increased in trend over the last few years; foods, furniture, vehicles, and other things are delivered via trucks from one place to another. A lot of accidents occur on the road in Utah on a daily basis, causing severe damage and injuries to people. Delivery trucks are supposed to be much heavier and larger than any other passenger vehicles. 

When a case is filed regarding an accident, the most critical move is to find out the liability; you should consult a Utah Injury Attorney, who can help you with the case and get you the complete recovery compensation that you deserve. 

Is the delivery driver or the company to be held liable?

The delivery drivers can be held responsible for all the deeds that happened while the accident took place in the first place. This can be because reckless driving and negligence of all the traffic rules make them liable for all reasonable damages. Since all the delivery drivers are always under constant pressure and in a hurry to meet the deadline and move as fast as possible, they also maintain a vast delivery volume. Drivers can be held liable for disobeying the traffic rules, safety majors, not being attentive on the road, speeding, causing injury, and quickly damaging other drivers on the road.  

The truck company, which is the driver’s employer, might be held liable for the accident only when the driver was working hours. It also depends on the company’s policies and guidelines. The driver can be an employee or an independent contractor in some cases. If it is also the company’s fault, the driver cannot run away from any allegations. 

Dealing with insurance companies

Getting any help with payment from any insurance company can be a challenging task, no matter the situation and who caused the accident. Many avoid falling victim to the truck accident and are often asked to settle the case to get rid of these claims quickly. 

Initially, the offer that the insurance company tries to give is much lower than expected; it is better to avoid falling into these traps as they always want to provide you with as little amount as possible. Hence, consulting with an experienced lawyer can help in such cases. Your lawyer can analyze the initial settlement offer and let you know if it is worth accepting. Similarly, they will also fight for your rights. 

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