Furnace Strategies To Help You Diagnose and Repair Problems

Dealing with furnace problems can be frustrating, especially when it happens during the cold winter months. But there are some tricks you can try to diagnose issues on your own before calling furnace repair Kansas City-based. With a little furnace know-how, you may be able to get your heat working again quickly and save some money, too.

Check the Basics First

Before you panic, check for some easy fixes. Make sure the furnace is plugged in, and the circuit breaker hasn’t flipped. Check the thermostat battery and settings as well. Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as changing a filter or flipping a switch that got turned off.

Inspect the Furnace Filter

A dirty filter is one of the most common reasons for furnace problems. If air can’t flow freely, it can cause all kinds of operational issues. Locate your filter and check it monthly during high usage seasons. Replace it if it looks clogged with dust and debris. Properly circulating air is key for an efficient system.

Examine the Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is a safety device that makes sure gas is only released when a flame is actually present. But sensors can get dirty over time, which prevents them from “seeing” the flame. Try cleaning the flame sensor with fine steel wool. Just be very gentle with this piece of hardware to avoid damage.

Check the Pilot Light

Older furnaces rely on a pilot light to ignite the burner. If this small permanent flame goes out from a strong draft or other disturbance, the furnace won’t ignite. Re-lighting a pilot is usually straightforward. Refer to the sticker inside your furnace for instructions. Just be sure to turn off the gas valve first for safety.

Monitor the Burner Flames

Blue flames that appear steady and consistent are what you want to see inside a furnace. Lazy yellow flames or excessive noise signal a problem with combustion. Issues here relate to adjustments with gas pressure or venting. These are complex fixes best left to the pros due to risk of toxic fumes or explosions if done incorrectly.

Look Into a Professional Cleaning

Furnaces should be professionally inspected and cleaned at least once a year by an HVAC company, just like your car needs regular maintenance. Technicians will examine all components, adjust airflow, lubricate parts, and look for developing issues. This preventative tune-up can actually improve efficiency and prolong your system’s lifespan, too. Any existing problems will also get diagnosed by the experts during this visit.

Be Patient in an Emergency

It’s frustrating when your furnace dies on the coldest day of winter. But reputable HVAC companies often get overloaded during extreme weather. Be patient and be willing to temporarily use space heaters if it’s going to take more than a day for a technician to arrive. Protect pipes from freezing with insulation. Know that all furnace repair companies are doing their best during rough conditions.

Hopefully, trying out a few basic troubleshooting tips will get your furnace humming again. But for any complex or dangerous issues, don’t hesitate to pickup the phone and call in a professional. Stay safe, and best of luck getting heat restored quickly to your home!

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